Phase 2

Construction for Phase 2 commenced in February of 2009, with 35 turbines planned, representing installed capacity of 49.5 MW when completed. The 35 turbines planned for Phase 2, include six sets of two-bladed 1 MW turbines, ten sets of directly driven 1.5 MW turbines, and 19 sets of doubly fed 1.5 MW turbines.

The equity financing was completed in early August 2009 as part of the projected total investment of approximately US$73 million to complete Phase 2. Debt financing totaling RMB330 million was approved in the third quarter of 2010, of which, the final disbursement of RMB70 million was received in the Spring of 2012.

Phase 2 Timeline:

Q1 2009 Construction commenced
August 2009 Equity financing
Q4 2009 Turbine installation commenced
Q3 2010 Debt financing
December 2012  Construction to be completed