Phase 1

On December 9, 2009, we announced that Phase 1 of our build-out had commenced commercial production, having passed the Quality Supervision Inspection by Heilongjiang Province Power Infrastructure Project Quality Supervision Center. With the passing of the inspection, and with the Power Purchase and the Grid Connection and Dispatching Agreements in place, all of the power we have generated to date will be sold on the tariff of RMB 0.61 Yuan per kWh (C$0.0937).

Phase 1 of our build-out was completed in early November of 2009, with 34 wind turbines representing installed capacity of 49 MW. The 34 turbines included in Phase 1 include four sets of two-bladed 1 MW turbines and 30 sets of doubly fed 1.5 MW turbines.

Phase 1 Timeline:

May 2005 Wind testing commenced
August 2006 Environmental approval
Q2 2007 Construction commenced
November 2007 Power Purchase Agreement signed
Q4 2009 Construction completed; commenced commercial production (34 turbines)